Beyond Compare End User License Agreement: What You Need to Know

If you`re a software user, you`ve probably encountered an End User License Agreement (EULA) before. An EULA is a legal contract between the software company and the end user that outlines the terms and conditions of using the software. One such EULA is the Beyond Compare End User License Agreement, which is used by Scooter Software, Inc.

What is Beyond Compare?

Beyond Compare is a file comparison tool developed by Scooter Software, Inc. It`s used to compare the content of files and folders, and can be used by developers, system administrators, and content creators. Beyond Compare is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What does the Beyond Compare EULA cover?

The Beyond Compare EULA covers a range of topics, including how the software can be used, what the user is allowed to do with the software, and what the user is not allowed to do with the software. Here are some of the key points covered in the Beyond Compare EULA:

– License Grant: The EULA grants the user a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the software. The user is allowed to install and use the software on up to three computers, as long as the user is the primary user of those computers.

– Restrictions: The user is not allowed to modify, reverse engineer, or decompile the software. The user is also not allowed to distribute the software to others.

– Ownership: The software is owned by Scooter Software, Inc., and the user acknowledges that they do not own the software.

– Warranty and Liability: Scooter Software, Inc. provides no warranty for the software, and is not liable for any damages that may arise from using the software.

– Updates and Support: The user is entitled to free updates and support for one year after purchasing the software. After that, the user can purchase a maintenance agreement to continue receiving updates and support.

Why is the Beyond Compare EULA important?

The EULA is important because it outlines the terms and conditions of using the software. By agreeing to the EULA, the user is legally bound to comply with those terms and conditions. If the user violates any of the terms of the EULA, Scooter Software, Inc. has the right to terminate the user`s license and take legal action if necessary.

In addition, the EULA protects Scooter Software, Inc.`s intellectual property rights. The software is a valuable asset to the company, and the EULA ensures that the company can protect its investment.


The Beyond Compare End User License Agreement is an important document for anyone who uses the Beyond Compare software. By understanding the terms and conditions outlined in the EULA, users can ensure that they are using the software in compliance with the law. And for Scooter Software, Inc., the EULA provides an important layer of protection for their intellectual property rights.